This statement with our evidence was delivered to 10 Downing Street on

11th March 2015.

  Prior to this the whistleblowers had sent the same statement to every MP and invited them to attend our meeting in Parliament.

John McDonnell attended and our longterm supporter Charlotte Leslie sent apologies.

Priti Patel sent her assistant.

Charlotte Leslie, John McDonnell, and the Green Party have all given formal support for Edna's Law.

The Whistler has no allegiance to any political party - such serious issues must never be used as a political football by other politicians or journalists.

We ask everyone to read our evidence and replace PIDA with Edna's Law.

Many whistlers cannot be named here yet
for legal reasons or due to personal issues of ongoing detriment

(eg health, employment, loss of home).

They will be added as soon as their circumstances allow. 

We help whistleblowers from all sectors. 
We aim to provide
what we ourselves needed most
when feeling isolated,
someone to listen and understand.

All calls are in strict confidence. 

Unlike some other helplines we never say
"take the money, move on and forget it now"
because what all genuine whistlers want is

action to put things right and

removal of wrongdoers

The book outlines the inbuilt Steps which are designed to ensure full accountability and transparency

Quick warning:  It is wise to be cautious when deciding where to disclose because

Whistleblowers have told us that other organisations they asked for help had disclosed their details to others without consent or had passed their contact details to solicitors who were seeking personal injury claims business.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)
which was meant to give legal protection for UK whistleblowers,
has failed and offers false hope to many who seek protection.

We campaign for Edna's Law,
drafted by the real experts,

the whistleblowers,

because we know what is needed.

This Logan Symposium talk is from December 2014 and over 5000 whistleblowers have now contacted us..

We feature the cases of a wide range of people (some famous, some not)

to show how anyone at work might one day have to make an important choice.

The whistlers all became aware through their job of wrongdoing or risks.

In many cases other people were also aware -

and had decided to look the other way or cover up.

The whistlers all tried their best to get things put right,

often at great personal cost.

What would you do?

We dedicate this website and the work of The Whistler to Gavin MacFadyen.  

Please see the Gavin MacFadyen Award page and also click below for a message from Gavin's wife Susan.

Edna's Law principles are drawn from the experience of thousands of whistleblowers

Be inspired by people of integrity 
who have had the courage to act

in the public interest.

The best way to

protect yourself and your loved ones

is to protect the protectors.

Please support Edna's Law.