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Please see Sir Norman Lamb's letter below. He resigned from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing because the WBUK chief executive Georgina Halford-Hall, in her role as secretariat to the APPG, refused to answer his questions on finance.  

He had already announced in August 2019 his decision not to stand at the next election which was known to be imminent, but he still put on record his reasons for resignation from this APPG.  He seemed keen to distance himself from it once he realised the issues.

His resignation came after we and other whistleblowers had repeatedly brought to the attention of all the APPG members the misconduct of WBUK and asked questions.  Those questions have never been answered because his resignation from the APPG was never announced publicly on their website or social media.   

Every other member of the original and current APPG,  is jointly responsible for this lack of accountability and transparency because they all had the same information as was given to Sir Norman Lamb. 

Georgina Halford-Hall claims that the APPG Chair responded to his resignation and that all allegations were dismissed. 

But Sir Norman Lamb says he did not receive any response and that no other APPG members ever spoke to him about his resignation.

So they all condoned the lack of transparency and accountability and GHH's refusal to answer the questions.

Sir Norman advised us that our concerns should be pursued with the Parliamentary Standards regulator.

So we blow the whistle on the APPG on Whistleblowing, which seeks to introduce an Office for the Whistleblower with the hidden agenda of creating lucrative business for WBUK/APPG's corporate funders, Constantine Cannon, Navex Global, Philips & Cohen, and other law and compliance firms.  They are interested only in cherry-picking cases which offer potential profit 

or publicity while leaving the vast majority of whistleblowers unprotected.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)
which was meant to give legal protection for UK whistleblowers,
has failed and offers false hope to many who seek protection.

We campaign for Edna's Law,
drafted by the real experts,

the whistleblowers,

because we know what is needed.

We feature the cases of a wide range of people (some famous, some not)

to show how anyone at work might one day have to make an important choice.

The whistlers all became aware through their job of wrongdoing or risks.

In many cases other people were also aware -

and had decided to look the other way or cover up.

The whistlers all tried their best to get things put right, often at great personal cost.

What would you do?

Publication of Misconduct of WBUK Part One in November 2019 led to a series of legal threats and malicious allegations against Compassion In Care and supporters in The Whistler.  

By December 2020 those complaints had included the Charity Commission, the Information Commissioner's Office and 3 Police forces.   

We look forward to publication of Part Two and to long-awaited accountability for the evidenced serial liar Georgina Halford-Hall, WhistleblowersUK, all members of the All Party Parliamentary Group and all the academics, journalists and politicians

who have condoned dishonesty and unethical conduct while claiming to support whistleblowers.

We help whistleblowers from all sectors. 
We aim to provide
what we ourselves needed most
when feeling isolated,
someone to listen and understand.

All calls are in strict confidence. 

Unlike some other helplines we never say
"take the money, move on and forget it now"
because what all genuine whistlers want is

action to put things right and

removal of wrongdoers

We dedicate this website and the work of The Whistler to Gavin MacFadyen.  

Please see the Gavin MacFadyen Award page and the video on there for a message from Gavin's wife Susan Benn.

Quick warning:  It is wise to be cautious when deciding where to disclose because 

Whistleblowers have told us that when they asked for help elsewhere they later found their details had been disclosed to others

without consent or had been passed to solicitors who were seeking personal injury claims business.  

For more on this please see The Misconduct of WBUK Part 1.   

Part 2 is in preparation and we update this page about the false claims made by the evidenced serial liar Georgina Halford-Hall and WBUK.

Edna's Law principles are drawn from the experience of thousands of whistleblowers

The Whistler has no allegiance to any political party because whistleblowers come from a wide range of backgrounds and opinions, 

and such serious issues must never be used as political footballs by politicians.  

We will be adding a new page to this website as soon as we have time, about various MPs and Members of the House of Lords

and what they actually did when informed of whistleblowing incidents or when they were asked to help or to meet whistleblowers. 

We will call out those MPs & Peers who claim to support whistleblowers in order to grab headlines when their actions in reality do not support that claim.

We ask everyone to read our evidence and replace PIDA with Edna's Law.

Many whistlers cannot be named publicly yet for legal reasons or due to personal issues of ongoing detriment

(eg health, employment, loss of home).

They will be named as soon as their circumstances allow, meanwhile we compile their evidence ready for the inquiry. 

So, as always, we tried to check the evidence because no response by the APPG Chair had ever been mentioned by

Sir Norman Lamb or by the APPG Chair or members in response to various enquirers.

Mrs Halford-Hall's response to that polite enquiry on LinkedIn

wasn't quite what is expected from a Parliamentary postholder, supposed to comply with the Nolan Principles:

The book outlines the inbuilt Steps which are designed to ensure full accountability and transparency

         Georgina Halford-Hall is still in post, with a Parliamentary email address.  Her various false claims are easily disproved by public records

at Companies House, Crown Prosecution Service, Employment Tribunal. 

 One of her online profiles states "In 2010 Georgina blew the whistle on governance irregularities while she was CEO of a small charity".

The Charity Commission has no record, past or present, of any charity named Mere & DIstrict Footprints Ltd which is where a

Georgina Shaw was Centre Manager (not CEO) in 2010.   It was a Respondent in an employment tribunal claim by a  G Shaw-Halford in Bristol 2011.

The Employment Tribunal's 2012 Judgment (below) proves that the case was dismissed, not won.

It also shows a second Respondent which was a charity, "4Children" - but Chief Executive was Anne Longfield, not Georgina Shaw/Shaw-Halford.

Was there some other "charity" at which Georgina Halford-Hall was "CEO" or "chief executive" at same time as Centre Manager job or was she promoted?  

Polite enquiries have been unsuccessful.

The Employment Tribunal says it has no record of any other cases matching her public statements that she "won" a case around that time.

The Charity Commission and Wiltshire Council (the latter funded Mere & DIstrict Footprints Ltd), both state they have no record of any concerns raised about the Children's Centre at Mere - so what happened?  Did GHH report any concerns?  Why are they not recorded?  Was action taken?

Enquiries are ongoing about this as we are told that there was an inspection report in around 2010 which led to various events. 

We will update this page if/when we receive hard evidence.

The other ex- and current APPG members (except Sir Norman Lamb) are all still condoning GHH's and WBUK's misconduct. 

So do event organisers such as Inside Government,, InformaConnect and some journalists who decline to respond to requests

for factual amendments, eg Farah Khalique whose two factually inaccurate articles remain online.

We have presented the documentary evidence numerous times including to the press offices of the Tories, Labour, LibDems and SNP.

       When will protecting people take precedence over bounty-hunting and trying to making money from whistleblowers?

Norman Lamb eventually saw the light even though it took months for him to understand that there were serious problems about WBUK.

The current and other ex-members of the APPG know why he resigned because his letter is in the public domain and

also because GHH, its Director, has stated that all the allegations were "dismissed" and yet they stay.  

​Why do they condone false claims and unethical conduct?   On what evidence did they dismiss the concerns?

We are whistleblowers who support the charity Compassion In Care and Edna's Law.

We are self-regulated by facts, integrity and commonsense and we are appalled by the malicious complaint to the Charity Commission.   We look forward to the Charity Commission using its powers to

prosecute malicious complainants who gave it misleading information. 

We have never had a penny from Compassion In Care and we pay all our own expenses.

PS Seems like those we oppose must be very worried about Edna's Law to stoop that low!

This Logan Symposium talk was in December 2014 and over 9000 whistleblowers have now contacted us..

Be inspired by people of integrity who have had the courage to act in the public interest.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to protect the protectors.

Please support Edna's Law.

Sir Norman Lamb, the alleged recipient of the APPG Chair's response to his resignation, also has not seen any response from the Chair.

#beajournalistlikeGavin - go out and tell the truth, not what the powerful want you to print!