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           Money Matters....... to whom?

Edna's Law provides for appropriate compensation to the whistleblower. 

It is important to note that this is not the same as "rewards, bounties or incentives" being proposed by other organisations..

A genuine whistleblower's motivation is always to stop wrongdoing and risk -

they don't stand around thinking "How much money will I get if I report this?"

The Whistler rejects all such schemes

because they are open to misuse by people for whom the financial incentive may influence their behaviour adversely

and such schemes put money as more important than issues affecting people's health and safety.

Whistleblowers in our network say they find it insulting that anyone would think a financial incentive would encourage

people to speak up - there is "right" and "wrong", and if you see wrongdoing you must speak up.

A focus on money instead of on wrongdoing and on lives is shown by the fact that

UK whistleblowing legislation is not dealt with by the Ministry of Justice,

instead it is the responsibility of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

Many issues reported by whistlers are caused precisely by this attitude:

In construction, some employers find it cheaper to ignore or cut corners on safety issues, and blacklist union reps,

in care homes it is cheaper to run on minimum staffing.

Safeguarding of profits, not people, is often the motivation.

Edna's Law does not focus on money,

instead it puts the public interest and vulnerable people like Edna right at the heart of the law.

The current UK law is the 

Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA).

PIDA does not stop the

reported wrongdoing and risks.

In fact it often leads to

concealment of them and the public never hears of the issues which may have affected them adversely.

Some whistleblowers featured here

did manage to get to a tribunal,

and even won their PIDA cases  

but the wrongdoing and risks continued with no-one being held to account.

​Many culprits are in senior posts now, some with O.B.E or C.B.E

after their names

while the whistleblowers still suffer detriment and the wrongdoing, abuse and neglect and risks continue unchecked.

We call for Edna's Law and a public inquiry into whistleblowing in all sectors, because the Public Interest Disclosure Act

and the Francis Review have

failed to protect the public, the victims or the whistleblowers in any sector.

We call for:
1. ONE law to protect ALL whistle-blowers in ALL sectors: Edna’s Law.

2. A public inquiry so that those responsible for wrongdoing, including victimisation of whistleblowers, or concealing wrongdoing are held to account and the wrongdoing of organisations and individuals can be exposed to avoid recurrence.

3. That all those whistle-blowers who have been failed by the system and by the Public Interest Disclosure Act be given full redress.

Without accountability nothing can truly change. This is the root of the problem.

It is impossible to build “a new culture” on an unjust and rotten foundation and to try to do so is to condone the past wrongdoing.

Edna’s Law will protect the protectors

and therefore protect the public.

Very few whistleblowers can afford to take their cases to employment tribunals where they and their home-made "bundles of truth"

(like the one below) will be

up against experienced barristers and legal and HR teams.

Even if a whistleblower does manage to get to

an employment tribunal, it will not investigate the reported concerns, and

has no power to take action on the issues.

Instead the whistleblower feels as if they are on trial because it is an "employment issue" and barristers will do their utmost to shred the whistleblower's reputation.

Employers can even make deliberately misleading sworn statements on oath and get away without penalty even when the Judge finds out, as we will prove in our

Rogues Gallery page

which will be published soon.

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There Is No Me In Whistle-Blower

 to see how Edna ensures accountability

​​​ Edna's Law principles

are based on the evidence from thousands of whistleblowers

since the introduction of PIDA,

 compiled by Eileen Chubb in  

Breaking The Silence Parts 1, 2, 3.

Part 4 is now being prepared.

​We know what is needed because 

we listened to those failed by PIDA.

Over 5000 have now contacted us.

Please click on image below to read

about some of these people of integrity.