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Dr Stephen Bolsin  

ex Consultant Anaesthetist   Bristol UK

Often referred to as The Bristol Babies case

Thomas Drake

National Security Agency    USA

Annie Machon  

ex MI5 Intelligence     UK

Jesselyn Radack  

ex Justice Department Ethics Attorney  USA

Eileen Chubb  

ex BUPA Care Worker  Bromley UK

The BUPA 7 became the first PIDA case

The Whistleblower Interview Project

is a joint project with the film-maker Niels Ladefoged to create a documentary archive of interviews with people who have made public interest disclosures.   They discuss why and how they blew the whistle, the consequences of their actions, and what their feelings are now. This project has brought their stories to thousands who would not otherwise know of the importance of what they do, the sacrifices they often made, and some of the important lessons learned.

The project started in 2011 with a generous grant from the Democracy & Media Foundation to

the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) from an application to assist in developing support, defence and public understanding of Whistleblowers.  The CIJ received an additional grant from the Foundation to continue this work in 2014-15.  The interviews are specially designed for students of journalism, law, anthropology and other social and humanitarian studies.

 Margy Haywood    

Registered General Nurse  

ex Brighton UK

BBC Panorama Undercover Film

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Niels Ladefoged & The Whistler

Ian Perkin

ex Finance & IT Director

St George's Hospital London

Kathryn Bolkovac  

 ex United Nations Peacekeeper in Balkans  

who inspired "The Whistleblower" 

a Voltage movie production

With thanks to the Democracy & Media Foundation for funding the

Whistleblower Interview Project