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Eileen works closely with the media including the BBC Panorama documentary "Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed", and has carried out joint investigations with Heather Mills of Private Eye into the Care Quality Commission and care home owners.  Her report CQC An Ongoing Concern exposed how CQC misleads the public. She also wrote on Misconduct In Public Office in a report "Should We Abolish Accountability?"

She is the author of Beyond The Facade, about the "Bupa 7" who reported abuse of Edna and other Residents at Isard House.

They became the first PIDA case.

In 2020 publication of There Is No Me In Whistleblower outlining the case for Edna's Law was met with an unsuccessful attempt to have the book withdrawn.  Dismantling The Facade was published in 2021.

She contributed to the books "Here We Stand", "Shadow State" and "Forever Young", and "Hazards" Magazine, and is a frequent contributor to the media on care homes and whistleblowing law in all sectors.  

Eileen has run a helpline for whistleblowers for many years, originally intended to provide support for care workers.  When whistleblowers from other sectors called, a separate Whistler helpline number was set up to support them as The Whistler network includes all sectors.

Thank you to the Reva & David Logan Foundation whose generosity enabled the launch of The Whistler.

We are now self-funded by volunteers who pay for this website and for all our own expenses

in supporting whistleblowers and campaigning for Edna's Law.

We have helped many whistleblowers from varied backgrounds,

eg social care, NHS, education, social work, private medical care,

financial and regulatory organisations, the police, the military, as well as government and office workers.   

We believe it is essential to give legal protection to those bringing crimes, malpractice and acts of abuse into public scrutiny,

to hold to account employers, the wealthy and powerful.

We aim to support those who have taken the risks of exposing wrongdoing

in the public interest.

Eileen Chubb​​​

Director & Founder of Compassion In Care.

Eileen is one of the "Bupa 7" whistleblowers who became the first PIDA case. 

She campaigns to expose abuse and neglect in care settings and has been undercover in over 300 homes across the UK. 

Gavin and Eileen co-founded The Whistler because of their insistence 

that ALL whistleblowers need and deserve support.

This commitment continues at the Whistler, that whistleblowers in the military like Chelsea Manning, and low-paid workers raising concerns need and deserve support just as much as workers on high salaries in the financial sector.   

Gavin died on 22nd October 2016,

a huge loss of a man of great integrity who will never be forgotten.

He left a lasting legacy of fierce determination and courage in all he inspired to expose inconvenient truth -  Rest In Power Gavin!

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) is committed to the education and training of journalists, editors and researchers towards critical in-depth reporting and defence of the public interest. 

It provides and facilitates the education of the public and the community in the craft, culture and methodology of journalism, for the benefit of public integrity, accountability and an informed body politic.   CIJ offers practical expertise and in-depth research resources for journalists, researchers, non-governmental organisations, graduate students and others interested in high standards of factual accuracy, fairness, ethics and professionalism.

CIJ has been training and providing resources to reporters, researchers, NGOs, activists and the community for eleven years. 

It publishes the Logan Handbooks, organises annual summer schools, produces one of the world's only investigative film festivals, and provides regular and bespoke training programs on company documents, data scraping and analysis, covert recording, and information security all over the world.  The CIJ offers particular assistance to those working in difficult environments where freedom of the press is under threat and where reporting can be a dangerous occupation.

Gavin MacFadyen

Director & Founder of the
Centre for Investigative Journalism and Co-Founder of The Whistler.

Gavin worked on

50 investigative television programmes for

PBS Frontline,

Granada Television's

World In Action, the

BBC'sFine Cut, Panorama,

The Money Programme and 24 Hours, and

Channel 4's Dispatches.

Gavin researched and produced stories on child labour, pollution and

despoliation of the environment, torture of political prisoners, neo-Nazis in Britain, Contras murders in Nicaragua, UK industrial accidents, Chinese criminal organisations, a history of the CIA, maritime piracy, election frauds in South America, mines in South Africa, as well as Frank Sinatra and organised crime.

He was always motivated by a strong commitment to the principles of social justice, human rights, free speech, whistleblowing and the protection of the environment.  Gavin was a close friend and mentor of Julian Assange and Wikileaks so we say RIP means "Rest in Power".

Please see also our Gavin MacFadyen Award page - he continues to inspire and we know that he would have approved of all those who have won the Award.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Whistler in so many different ways:

time, money, advice, signing Edna's Law petition and sending I am Edna photos

and all round moral support!

Special acknowledgements to the CIJ team:

 Magdalena Gawlicka, Minal Da Gama Rose, Tom Sanderson, Juliet Ferguson, Marina Calland

and our film-maker Niels Ladefoged

Please note that The Whistler is not associated and never will be with

Ian Foxley, Georgina Halford-Hall (known at various times as Shaw, Shaw-Halford, and Hall), Michael Hall, Thomas Carl Lloyd,

Howard Brown, or any legal firms involved with "Whistleblowers UK"   Company number 08112953

which was dissolved on 7 April 2015

or with "WhistleblowersUK" Company number 09347927 which continued using the same bank account numbers

(this was confirmed by Companies House to be a breach of the law).

It is necessary to state this because Gavin MacFadyen and Eileen Chubb were 2 of 3 co-founders of Whistleblowers UK.

The other co-founder was Ian Foxley who set up WhistleblowersUK in December 2014

and we have received numerous queries about the legal status, actions, finances and aims of the two companies.


Gavin and Eileen resigned to set up The Whistler due to concerns about Whistleblowers UK (known as WBUK)

which they made clear in their resignation open letters.