A Law Commission event for "practitioners and experts" benefited from the (possibly unexpected) presence of these alternative expert witnesses. The panel clearly needed help to understand Misconduct in Public Office.

Panel speaker Clare Montgomery QC claimed without any evidence that  "whistleblowers break the law".

Fortunately we were there to put her straight and

 Ministry of Justice whistleblower Chris Ledbrook corrected her, stating that he had never broken the law. 

 The other whistleblowers confirmed that nor had they.

Montgomery is a judge and showed how biased some judges are, not impartial as they are alleged to be.  

Please see "Bias Barrister" video for Eileen's comment.

Please click on image for footage from the Stand Up For Truth event in London on June 1, 2015.  Speakers include Eileen Chubb, Thomas Drake, Daniel Ellsberg, Jesselyn Radack, Coleen Rowley, Justin Schlosberg, and Norman Solomon.   

Please see also the in-depth individual Interviews with Thomas, Coleen, Jesselyn and Eileen on the Whistleblower Interview Project page on this website. 

Links to books by Jesselyn and Eileen are on the books page

Compassion In Care & The Whistler arrange and take part in various events to raise awareness about why

whistleblower protection is essential to protect the public. 

Here's a small selection of events which we arranged or have been involved in with other campaigners.  

Please click on the images below to see more about these events. 

We don't have time to update the site much, so these are not in chronological order.

London Hazards Centre

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Construction is a sector where many workers, often union reps, have been blacklisted for whistleblowing re health & safety. Please click on image for more on London Hazards.